Mock Election Voting Instructions

School Mock Election Managers: The first thing to do is log onto the Mock Election voter interface at: (TO COME) . You will be asked for an ID code (TO COME).

There are two ways for students in your school to vote in the 2009 Student/Parent Mock Election:

1. Computers set up as voting booths (kiosks) in school.
2. Paper ballots.

Some schools may want lower grade levels to use the paper-ballot method of voting and the upper grade levels to use the kiosk method. That is OK.

The two voting methods offered in the Voter Instruction Kit are:

1. Voting on shared computers (kiosk method). This is the recommended voting method because it gives students a realistic voting experience. Schools can set up numerous Internet-connected computers as "voting machines." Here's how to do that:
     a. On each shared computer, point your web browser to (TO COME).
     b. Enter the school's ID code on each computer, when prompted.
     c. Each student will vote one at a time.
     d. After the vote has been entered, the voter will click "I'm Done" at the bottom of the ballot and the computer will be ready for the next student to vote.
     e. When students are finished voting each day, you can turn your computer off. If you want to continue voting the next day, just follow the procedure above.
     f. All voting with the kiosk method should be overseen be a teacher to assure that students don't vote more than once. All voting must be completed by 4 p.m. on October 29.

2. Voting using a paper and pencil ballots. The ballot is now available for the school's Mock Election Manager to print out and distribute to students. Here's how to use this method:
     a. Print the ballot on this website and distribute one copy to each student.
     b. Once voting is completed, collect and tabulate the ballots.
     c. The Mock Election Manager then logs onto (TO COME), using the login ID (TO COME)  to report the school's results before 4 p.m., October 29. Be sure to enter that  you are a teacher.  The ballot you will see will enable you to enter numbers beside each candidate's name.
     d. Fill in the vote totals for each candidate and the issue question. When finished, click "I'm Done" and your results will instantly be transmitted.

Teachers: If your school has chosen the paper-ballot method of voting, please give copies of the ballot to your students and ask them to vote in this Mock Election. Students aren't required to vote, nor or they required to vote in all of the election categories.

You may distribute paper copies of the ballot to your students, write the candidates' names and parties on a blackboard or project the image of the ballot on a screen or wall using an overhead projector.

Voting must be done no earlier than October 26 and no later than October 29. When your class has voted, collect the ballots and give them to your school's Mock Election Manager no later than 3 p.m., October 29.

Students: To vote, select one (only one) of the boxes for Governor. You are encouraged to answer the issue question on the ballot.

If you are voting online using a computer, you can answer any or all of the questions and select the "I'm Done" button when you are finished. That will automatically send your vote to the National Mock Election headquarters and prepare the computer for the next student to vote.

Voting is optional and you aren't required to vote in all of the categories.

Troubleshooting FAQs

Can a School Use Both Paper Ballots and Online Voting Booths with Computers?

Yes. You may want some grade levels in your school to use paper ballots and other grade levels to use computers as voting machines. Votes cast online by computers are sent immediately to he National Student/Parent Mock Election.

How Do I Set Up My Classroom Computer So Students Can Vote?

The most important thing is to be sure the computer is set up to access websites through a browser. Get into your browser (e.g. - Internet Explorer, Foxfire, Safari) and go to this Web address (TO COME). You will then see a screen with a box where you can enter an ID code (TO COME). Your computer(s) then will be ready for the first student(s) to vote.

What Should I Do When the Last Student Votes On Our Voting Kiosk?

After the last student clicks "I'm Done" at the bottom of the ballot, you can close your browser and turn your computer off. If you want to have absent students vote the next day, follow the set-up instructions in the paragraph above. Students can vote online until 4 p.m. on October 29, but each student can vote only once.