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A Guide to Using E-Editions with NIE Programs

The following is a summary of the Digital NIE report prepared by the Newspaper Association of America Foundation in 2007. Most of the paragraphs below are verbatim excerpts from the report.

Digital NIE means the delivery of a Newspaper in Education program by electronic means.

This may include an electronic edition (e-edition) of the newspaper, downloadable teacher guides, interactive teacher training, and access to archives and digital libraries of newspapers and other organizations.

With the recent increase in the number of newspapers publishing e-editions, some teachers say they want a mix of printed copies and e-editions of the newspaper delivered to their classrooms. Others may only want the e-edition.

Therefore, publishers may be coming to the realization that growing future readers is more important than counting current net paid circulation for e-editions.

Guidelines from the Audit Bureau of Circulations can help any newspaper - even those not audited by ABC - to develop a credible e-edition that is as attractive to consumers, advertisers and others as the traditional print product.

It is noted in the ABC's Electronic Editions Guidebook that a newspaper may offer free access to the e-edition to any subscriber as long as only one copy is counted as paid. For example, a classroom receiving printed copies could be given access to the same number of e-editions at no cost, but those (e-edition) copies would not count as an additional paid-circulation newspaper.

ABC has very specific rules about sponsorship of classroom sets of newspapers, whether they are delivered electronically or in print. Funds donated to the NIE program must be freely given with nothing expected in return. The NIE program may, however, run a "thank-you" ad in the newspaper that lists the business, its address and a URL.

With both websites and e-editions, there is an opportunity for the URL in a thank-you ad to be a hyperlink. Check with ABC prior to instituting that practice, however.

In general, there are very few differences between ABC rules for print editions and e-editions.

Download the full report ... a PDF file.

Click here for a spreadsheet that illustrates the financial benefits of adding the e-edition of newspapers to the NIE program.

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