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Serialized Story Guide for Teachers, Students and Families

By Antonette Bomentre-Walter and Chris Yatchyshyn

The authors of this guidebook are veteran educators who work for newspapers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, helping teachers find ways of using newspapers as a supplementary text for their classes.

Antonette Bomentre-Walter is Educational Services Manager for the Burlington County Times, Willingboro, N.J. Chris Yatchyshyn is Educational Services Manager for the Bucks County Courier Times, Levittown, Pa. Several of the essay questions were written by Jon McClain, NIE Coordinator for The Record and the Herald News, Bergen and Passaic Counties, N.J.

Each of the following chapters contains helpful information under these headings: Vocabulary, Recalling the Facts, Comprehension Questions, In the News, Take It to the Real World; Make a Prediction and Essay Questions.

Chapter 1 - Common Sense Arrives

Chapter 2 - A Fresh Start in America

Chapter 3 - Who Was "Anonymous?"

Chapter 4 - The Secret is Revealed

Chapter 5 - The Times That Try Men's Souls

Chapter 6 - Patriots Flee, But Fight Back

Chapter 7 - Exiled Patriots Hatch a Plot

Chapter 8 - Good Ideas in Print Shaped a Nation

Answers to the Questions

New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards

Pennsylvania Academic Standards

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