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2000 Committee Meetings

Summary of the Dec. 7, 2000, Meeting

The New Jersey Newspaper in Education committee met at noon on Thursday, December 7, at the New Jersey Press Association headquarters in West Trenton.

Committee members present were: Annette Bementre-Walter, Burlington County Times, Willingboro; Linda Cammarata, The Daily Record, Parsippany; Sherry Cole, The Record, Hackensack; Cynthia Forster, The Record, Hackensack; Wendy Halle, The Courier News, Bridgewater; Harry "Buddy" Hart, The Courier-Post, Cherry Hill; Milli Kerner, The Times of Trenton; Melissa Edwards, Princeton Packet; Liza Mattison, The Express-Times, Easton; Jackie Mickelburgh, The Star-Ledger, Newark; Shirley Sasor, Hunterdon County Democrat, Flemington; Jeanne Schexnider, Asbury Park Press, Neptune; Howard Scott, Twin Visions Publications, Newark; Beverly Seitz, The Daily Record, Parsippany; Anne Sculley-Carrell, The Courier-Post, Cherry Hill; Karen Theer, Home News Tribune, East Brunswick; Marian Wait, The Daily Journal, Vineland; Amy Winter; The Daily Journal, Vineland. Also present by invitation was Irma Getz, NIE Consultant, Cherry Hill.

Tom Engleman, director of the New Jersey Press Foundation, welcomed the committee to the NJPA headquarters, distributed minutes from the October meeting and outlined the cost of the NIE display at the NJEA convention on November 9-10. Total cost for the display, including booth, table, chairs and electricity was $997.40. Cost for publication of 3,000 NIE Committee booklets was $939. Cost of the New Jersey NIE directory leaflet was $1,007. Total cost was $3,143.40.

Cynthia Forster and Shirley Sasor co-chaired the meeting.

A discussion was held about the necessity for committee by-laws and the members set up the following subcommittees:

  • Bylaws: Antonette Bementre-Walter, chair; Melissa Edwards, Jeanne Schexnider, Wendy Halle.
  • Financial Development: Beverly Seitz, chair; Buddy Hart, Amy Winter.
  • Special Events and Programs: Buddy Hart, chair; Jackie Mickelburgh, Karen Theer, Mili Kerner, Howard Scott, Wendy Halle.
  • Public Relations/Advocacy: Milli Kerner, chair; Cynthia Forster, Beverly Seitz, Melissa Edwards, Jeanne Schexnider.
  • Curriculum Development: Liza Mattison, chair; Melissa Edwards, Irma Getz, Anne Sculley-Carrel.

The subcommittees agreed to formulate ideas and report to the whole committee at the next meeting. Cynthia Forster distributed sample by-laws from statewide NIE organizations in Pennsylvania and Connecticut for the information of the members.

The members decided the spring special event would be to provide promotional material for the national NIE Week celebration, scheduled for March 5-9, 2001. While materials are available from the NAA Foundation, members decided to purchase those individually. Antonette Walter suggested creating a one-page item that would focus on a lighthouse in the middle, imparting curriculum ideas in four subject areas. These would include language arts, social studies, math and science. Room would be left for the statewide committee logo and an individual newspaper logo. This item could be reproduced as either a flier or an in-paper insert. Sharon Cole volunteered to produce this item and distribute it to member newspapers in time for NIE Week.

The members voted against doing a statewide activity for Read Across America because of the lack of time.

Howard Scott noted the need for more information about running an NIE program from the perspective of a weekly publication. It was decided that this outreach would be covered under the Public Relations/Advocacy subcommittee. Members voted to allow Scott to receive 200 copies of the NAA booklet, "Teaching with the Newspaper."

Shirley Sasor compiled and distributed a survey for member organizations about the content of their NIE programs. These are to be returned at the next meeting, which is scheduled for Thursday, February 1, 2001, at the NJPA headquarters. It was suggested that the meeting time be extended to begin at 11 a.m. to allow more business time.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:30 p.m.

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Summary of the October 5, 2000, Meeting

The New Jersey Newspaper in Education committee met at noon on Thursday, October 5, at the New Jersey Press Association headquarters in West Trenton.

Committee members present were: Burlington County Times (Gloria Bowser and Antonette Walter), Home News Tribune (Karen Theer), Hunterdon County Democrat (Shirley Sasor), The Daily Record (Beverly Seitz), The Record (Cynthia Forster). Also present were NIE Consultant Irma Feld Getz of Cherry Hill and Tom Engleman, director of the New Jersey Press Foundation.

Tom Engleman welcomed the committee to the NJPA headquarters, opened the meeting and ask the committee members present to elect a committee chair.

Cynthia Forster from The Record and Shirley Sasor from the Hunterdon County Democrat volunteered to be co-chairs of the committee for the first year. Their terms of office will run from October 1, 2000 through September 30, 2001.

The committee members chose the large convention display (10 feet wide) provided by NJPA for the committee's booth at the New Jersey Education Association convention November 9-10 in Atlantic City. The top line of the display will read Newspaper in Education. Immediately below that there will be a heading "Statewide Committee" and a logo for New Jersey NIE to be prepared by Karen Theer and her staff at the Home News Tribune. Below those two elements will be the nameplates of all of the newspapers that are members of the NIE committee. The bottom of the display will read: Commitment to education, community and the future.

Gloria Bowser agreed to poll the committee members to arrange times for the booth to have a committee member present to answer questions. Tom Engleman agreed to order a booklet, Teaching with the Newspaper, from the NAA Foundation, order plastic bags with an NIE logo printed on the front, and to deliver and set up the display at the NJEA convention. Cynthia Forster agreed to assemble activity packets and Karen Theer agreed to put together a directory of NIE Committee members to hand out at the convention. Those two handouts will be printed by the NJPF. Cynthia Forster also agreed to prepare a sign-up sheet for educators to register to receive further information from the committee and will contact NJEA to arrange to get a table and chairs for the booth. Antonette Walter agreed to bring candy and a bowl for the table at the front of the display.

The committee set its next meeting for noon on Thursday, December 7, at the NJPA headquarters in West Trenton. The agenda items will include: Curriculum Guide, Read-Across-America Event, NIE Week and Speakers Bureau. Lunch will be provided by NJPF.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:30 p.m.

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Summary of the July 27, 2000, Meeting
The First Meeting of the Statewide NIE Committee

Newspaper in Education coordinators from nine newspapers met on July 27 in West Trenton to organize a Newspaper in Education Committee of the New Jersey Press Foundation.

Foundation Director Tom Engleman said, "Our role (at the Foundation) will be to help you start something that will benefit the entire industry in our state and achieve long-range goals rather than short-term goals."

The newspapaer representatives agreed that the committee's mission will be: "To advance New Jersey newspapers as an educational tool."

Susan Morgan, diversity and educational outreach director of the Pennsylvania Newspaper Association, and Ron Bonadonna, president of the Garden State Scholastic Press Association, opened the meeting, suggesting several approaches the newspapers could take at the start of a statewide initiative.

Two specific goals were discussed and approved by the committee as a step toward a more comprehensive mission statement and committee objectives:

  • Develop educational materials and resources for life-long learning by using the newspaper as an instructional tool in New Jersey schools.
  • Help newspapers integrate the NIE mission throughout the paper.

The committee agreed on three projects:

  • Sponsor a Newspaper in Education booth at the New Jersey Education Association convention in November in Atlantic City.
  • Develop and distribute one curriculum guide that meshes with the State Department of Education's social studies curriculum.
  • Write monthly columns in inPRINT to describe the benefits of Newspaper in Education Programs.

Other ideas for future programs included developing special sections of the newspaper that tie into the public school curriculum, operating NIE workshops for teachers and finding a way to increase NIE efforts at the high school level.

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