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Committee Meetings

December 2, 2004

October 7, 2004

August 5, 2004

June 3, 2004

February 5, 2004

2003 Meetings

2002 Meetings

2001 Meetings

2000 Meetings

Meetings of the Statewide NIE Committee are held at the New Jersey Press Association's offices: 810 Bear Tavern Road, Suite 307, West Trenton, N.J. Our phone number is (609) 406-0600 (dial ext. 0 for the receptionist).

The NJPA offices are located in the Mountain View Office Park, which is adjacent to Exit 2 of Interstate 95 in central New Jersey ... less than two miles north of the Delaware River bridge (the Scudders Falls Bridge) linking New Jersey and Pennsylvania. (NOT exit 2 of the New Jersey Turnpike, which is just north of the Delaware Memorial Bridge leading to/from I-95 in the state of Delaware)

When leaving I-95 at Exit 2, turn left at the top of the exit ramp. Then turn right at the first traffic signal to enter the Mountain View Office Park.

Our offices are on the third floor of Building 840, which is clearly marked on the top of the building.

For detailed directions to NJPA's headquarters, click here.

Agenda for the December 2, 2004, Meeting

Meeting will begin at 11 a.m. at the New Jersey Press Association headquarters in West Trenton, N.J.

Approval of Minutes from the October 7 meeting

Old Business:

- 2004 essay contest (deliver local contest results for statewide judging)

- Review of NJPF booth in Atlantic City

- Distribution of Miss NJ posters and activity guides for individual use

New Business:

- Read Across America/NIE Week tab (Nelllie Bly)

- Update on NIE writers for InPrint articles

- Other partnership opportunities

- Sharing: How we run teacher in-service programs, from good openings to great closings and everything inbetween

Next meeting: Thursday, February 3, 2005

Minutes of the October 7, 2004, Meeting

Meeting began at 11:05 a.m. at the New Jersey Press Association headquarters in West Trenton, N.J.

ATTENDING: Cynthia Forster (Chair), Lauren Baduini, Antonette Bomentre-Walter, Steve Gondelman, Wendy Halle, Nieves Garcia-Pimienta, Tom Engleman (NJPF)

Minutes of the August 5 meeting were approved.

Old Business:

- The following committee members agreed to write articles for upcoming issues of the NJPA newspaper, InPrint: Wendy Halle (November), Lauren Baduini (December), Cynthia Forster (January) and Steve Gondelman (February). The articles are due the 15th of the month prior to the publication dates.

- The following committee members agreed to bring NIE materials from their newspapers and be on hand at the Statewide Committee's booth at the NJEA convention in Atlantic City, November 4-5: Steve Gondelman, Antonette Bomentre-Walter, Wendy Halle, Cynthia Forster. Other committee members will be contacted to see if they will attend the convention.

- The committee members updated the NIE directory, to be distributed at the NJEA convention. Antonette Bomentre-Walter agreed to print the directory.

- Tom Engleman described the procedure for handling donations the state's newspapers receive from projects such as golf outings and auctions. Money coming from newspaper employees can't be used to purchase newspapers, but can be used for other NIE-related efforts. Money received must indicate how much is for a contribution and how much is for meals, greens fees, etc. The donor must indicate that the contribution is voluntary. These are rules established by the Audit Bureau of Circulation.

- Antonette distributed ABC rules affecting NIE programs. Additional copies will be made available at the December meeting.

- The 2004 statewide essay contest, "Dear Mr. President", will be conducted in November. Participating newspapers will select their local winners in December and send their first place high school and middle school winners to NJPF for the statewide contest.

New Business:

- The committee decided to sponsor a second essay contest this school year, in conjunction with National Newspaper Week and Read Across America in March 2005. The theme will be "Courage in New Jersey," and will focus on a person in the news in New Jersey newspapers. A serialized version of the Nellie Bly story will be printed in a 16-page tab and made available to all newspapers in New Jersey that want to participate in the project. As many as 200,000 copies could be printed and distributed to classrooms that participate in NIE. A teacher's guide will be published on the NIE website, along with student exercises. NJPF will seek a grant to support the project. The content for the tab and teachers guide will be arranged by Steve Gondelman and purchased by NJPF.

- Committee members were urged to prepare entries promoting their NIE programs for the NJPA Better Newspaper Contest. Deadline for the 2004 contest is in January 2005. Entry forms are available from NJPA.

Next meeting: Thursday, Dec. 2

Minutes of the August 5, 2004, Meeting

Meeting began at 11 a.m. at the New Jersey Press Association headquarters in West Trenton, N.J.

ATTENDING: Cynthia Forster (Chair), Shirley Sasor (Vice-Chair), Lauren Baduini, Patricia Bailey, Antonette Bomentre-Walter, Steve Gondelman, Wendy Halle, Jackie Mickelburgh, Kim Martin (NJPA)

The minutes from the meeting of June 3, 2004, were distributed.

Wachovia Grant:

Committee was awarded $15,000 to repeat essay contest.

Entries must be postmarked by November 19. They must be judged locally and returned to Tom Engleman at the NJPA on or before December 2.

Essay Contest Topic: Steve suggested courage and heroism. Jackie suggested we tie the theme into the November election. Selected: Dear Mr. President.

The President of the United States must deal with many issues. Choose one issue that you have read about in (insert the name of your newspaper) and write a letter to the incoming President explaining why that issue or concern is important to you, your family or community. Voted on, approved. Students must use and attach a newspaper article from the newspaper they are submitting to.

Booklet of NIE Activities:

Question: Will New Jersey Press Foundation pay to reprint an updated booklet?

NIE Coordinators should send their activity sheets for repro to Cynthia before August 30.

NJEA Convention:

Newspapers may each submit two different hand-outs to place in booth. Shirley will arrange to have Miss New Jersey photographed for the poster and appear at convention. The group consensus was to keep the poster in color. Cynthia asked if any other newspapers would like to print the poster.

Serialized Stories:

Committee discussed purchasing a serialized story newspapers can use during NIE Week.

By a show of hands, there was no interest in purchasing the Kentucky project at $5,000.

Steve will get more details about the Nellie Bly serial: Can we purchase it for $1,000 and get as many as 15 CDs?

One Book/One State Literacy Project:

Committee discussed possible involvement in One Book/One State Literacy Project, perhaps partnering with NJEA. Steve reported on his experience last year. He found it difficult to work with the NJEA. No consensus was reached.

Stock Market Game:

Patricia shared about her trip to San Antonio and her paper. Any interest in pursuing this project in the near future? There are two ways to get involved in New Jersey, through the Securities Industries for Economic Education or Bill Kempe and the New Jersey Council for Economic Education.

Voyage to Discovery:

See www.naa.org for more information.

Pennsylvania NIE Regional Conference:

Antonette and Steve reported on the workshops and speakers, including a presentation by the New Jersey Teacher of the Year, No Child Left Behind, and grant writing.

Possible Fundraiser:

At Tom's request, Cynthia mentioned NIE undertaking a possible fundraiser similar to one in North Carolina, involving the sale of plants at Lowes. No action was taken.

Next Meeting: Thursday, October 7 - NJPA Offices, West Trenton

Minutes of the June 3, 2004, Meeting

Meeting began at 11 a.m. at the New Jersey Press Association headquarters in West Trenton, N.J.

Cynthia Forster, Tom Engleman, Steve Gondelman, Peggy Maier, Patricia Bailey, and Antoinette Bomentre-Walter.

Old Business:
We are still trying to get NIE into the pages of InPrint, and we need you to keep to deadlines. Remember: all of you signed up for a month. July is Jackie Mickelburgh, August is Antoinette Bomentre-Walter, Sept. is Shirley Sasor, October is Ziggy Wozniak, and November is Wendy Halle.
Cynthia Forster distributed materials from the Los Angeles conference and reported on the statewide committee workshop there.

New Business:
1.Update the original book of newspaper activities. We would like to reprint and are asking all those newspapers which do not have an activity in the book, or those that do and would like to add another one, to e-mail me an activity. This must be original material, and cannot be taken from a guide that you purchased. Please e-mail me so that reproduction is better.
2. Tom has gotten another grant from the Hoffman Foundation for $15,000. The group discussed possible themes for this year's efforts, and thought about Courage and Heroism. Steve Gondelman suggested tying this to a story that could be distributed or printed in-paper by our publications and which showed the courage of newspapers. We could use the story of Nellie Bly, and do this around the time of Read Across America next March. This would give us newspaper extensions for the contest, and give each of you some curriculum materials as well.
3. Another thought as a statewide project was a one book/one state project. Cynthia Forster explained that this idea was used in other states, and was reported on at the Los Angeles convention. It became a circulation builder, and perhaps there would be a chance to partner with the NJEA or another possible sponsor (Verizon's New Jersey Reads) for sponsorship.
4. The group voted to once again have a table at the NJEA convention, similar in size and purpose to last year's effort. Once again we thought of a Miss NJ poster, and wondered if Shirley could set that up for us again. The Record has traditionally printed these posters at cost. However, Cynthia wanted to assure everyone that if another newspaper wanted to do this task, it was available.
5. Tom asked the group about the possibility of having teen pages editors join the group. What do you think about this? Should the group remain strictly NIE? Should we meet occasionally with teen or student content page editors? We realize some of you have dual citizenship in this, and we are not trying to make our group smaller, but larger.
6. With financial education becoming a large issue in curriculums throughout the state, another possible statewide project might be to do something with the stock market, whether as a game or just as materials distributed through NIE. Patricia Bailey is attending a conference in Texas on this topic, and hopes to report back at the August meeting.
7. Cynthia reported that the Pennsylvania statewide group is holding its conference, starting June 24. They only have 30 or so people attending. Please give some New Jersey representation if possible. Contact Liza Mattison. Joe Salomone will be present to discuss ABC rules, and that is a great plus.

Next Meetings: August 5, October 7, December 2

Minutes of the February 5, 2004, Meeting

The meeting began at 11 a.m. at the New Jersey Press Association headquarters in West Trenton, N.J.

ATTENDING: Cynthia Forster (Chair), Shirley Sasor (Vice-Chair), Tom Engleman (NJPA), Lauren Baduini, Antonette Bomentre-Walter, Steve Gondelman, Wendy Halle, Darlene Howell, Jeff McMillian, Jackie Mickelburgh, Zygmunt Wozniak, and Lee Williams.

Lee Williams motioned that we start meetings on time. Motion was seconded and approved. Meeting was called to order at 11:05. Introductions followed.

Minutes from the meeting of December 4, 2003 were distributed and approved.


Essay Contest Update

Tom reported that the essays were judged by daily newspapers in North Carolina. The judges did not see the names of the newspapers. Notification of winners will be up to individual newspapers. Prizes are: 1,000/$500/$100. Tom will follow up with a congratulatory letter and invitation to annual NJPA Past President›s dinner in June. The grant will cover the cost to attend the dinner for the student and 1 parent. After expenses, the grant funds will be divided among the 14 participating newspapers.

Recommendations for future:

- Students can only submit an entry to one newspaper. Students must certify to this.

- Students must use a newspaper reference in essay.

- Individual newspapers cannot modify rules established by NIE Committee.

Tom needs to know: 1) total number of entries received by each participating newspaper, 2) how many schools participated, broken down by middle and high schools, 3) number of classrooms that participated, if known, and 4) what each newspaper did to promote the contest.

Antonette motioned to apply for a similar grant for next year. Approved unanimously.

In-Print Articles

Not everyone is submitting an article, as assigned. Steve offered to write articles if given a 10-day advance notice. Missy (Communications Manager/In-Print) encouraged committee members to continue to submit articles. Circulation 1,500. This is our opportunity to get information out about NIE to publishers. Ten paragraphs is a good length. Email articles to: mflynn@njpa.org. Deadline is 15th of month.

The upcoming schedule is: March - Melissa; April - Cynthia (burn-out with NIE people); May - Steve Gondelman; June - Jackie Wilson; July - Jackie Michelburgh; August - Antonette; September - Shirley; October - Ziggy; November - Wendy; December - TBA.

NJPA Advertising/Circulation Meeting Update: April 30, Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City

For the last 2 years, our committee has sponsored a speaker at this event. It was agreed this year the topics would be: Increasing Circulation: Securing Corporate Dollars For Your NIE Program. Shirley offered to find 2 speakers, one a professional fundraiser and a corporate funder. Tom will also sit on this panel to represent NIE. It will be a one-hour presentation beginning at 2:30. NIE meeting is free; conference requires registration and fee.

NIE Week: First full week in March

Bring ideas to next meeting for a theme that can be used throughout the year. Perhaps we should tie into a statewide theme › learning about your state. Cynthia suggested possibly partnering with libraries.

Statewide Grant Opportunities & Tabs:

Tom reported from the Board of Trustees meeting: Where do we want to be in the next 30 years to advance the newspaper business in NJ? Trustees are interested in finding ways to show that newspapers are a unique medium with traits to offer public. There is interest in gathering tabs from newspapers to see what NJPA can do statewide. The Foundation would like to consult the NIE committee for advice on statewide tabs. Committee agreed that Tom should go forward and express our interest.

NJEA Convention:

Tom will again reserve a double booth. The Garden State Scholastic Press Association (promoting high school newspapers) expressed an interest in being represented at our booth.

Gifted Child Conference

Every year, the statewide NIE Committee has been represented. Cynthia has not yet heard about this year›s event and will call Jackie to follow-up. Jackie has represented us at past meetings.

Other New Business:

A new NIE Committee member list was distributed.

Let Tom know if your newspaper has an NIE website.

Some newspapers have youth sections or teen sections to build readership habits. Should we invite these editors? The consensus was yes.

Newspapers on campus: Iowa Press Association (Iowa State University Daily) has information on how newspapers are getting on campus. ABC has rules on how this can happen.

The meeting adjourned at 2:00 pm.

Next Meeting: April 30, NJPA Advertising/Circulation Conference in Atlantic City.

Respectfully Submitted by Shirley J. Sasor

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